Is it FUNKY?

I tried to make a classifier that would distinguish between funky and boring images. And it is of course a bit absurd, what is funky and boring is highly subjective. But machine learning algorithms are increasingly moving into areas that are subjective - so I thought, why not!

Is it FUNKY? is an interactive installation that determines what is funky and what is boring.

How does it work?

The software has been trained on 9025 “boring” and 6324 “funky” images scraped from Google Image search according to my own very subjective taste.

Click an image to have it classified as either boring or funky. Get new images directly from Google Image Search by typing any search phrase. The FUNK SCORE will drop the more boring stuff you click and rise the more funky stuff you click. A low FUNK SCORE will make the music and graphics slow down and get glitchy.


The Neural Aesthetics, SchoolOfMa/ACUD Berlin 2016