Carl Bloch Outpainted

Discovering the hidden spaces between the paintings of Carl Bloch's using AI powered image outpainting

The Danish National Museum of Art (SMK) partnered with us to produce a promotional video for an exhibition featuring paintings by Carl Bloch. To immerse viewers in the world of Bloch, we employed cutting-edge machine learning models, such as DALL-E 2 and Midjourney, to envision the spaces between his original artworks.

We utilized the "outpainting" technique as the main approach in crafting the video, enabling us to extend any given image beyond its initial boundaries. By incorporating visual elements that matched the original painting's style or taking the narrative in novel directions, we created a seamless blend of Blochs original images and our additions to his universe. Leveraging natural language descriptions allowed for this technique to be employed effectively.

Thanks to DALLE-2 outpainting and MidJourney text-2-image, we developed an innovative and thought-provoking promotional video for the Carl Bloch exhibition. The outpainting technique allowed us to merge the actual paintings with imaginative spaces, resulting in a video that was both natural and spontaneous. Moreover, it allowed us to explore uncharted territory, incorporating humor and quirky details (like an infinite leek!) while maintaining a polished final product.


Andreas Refsgaard: Concept & Art Direction

Frederik Lauenborg: AI Artist & Image Editing

Joakim Züger: Video Editor


Official exhibition website