Better Poems About Things

Experience the magic of poetry, powered by AI and inspired by everyday things, with Better Poems About Things - because sometimes even empty seats have a story to tell!

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Better Poems About Things is a digital art project that builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, Poems About Things. Expanding on the concept of generating poetry inspired by everyday objects, the project employs advanced AI technology to create a more refined experience.

In "Better Poems About Things," the image classification method has been upgraded from MobileNet to BLIP, with plans to incorporate GPT-4. This change allows for more accurate and detailed full sentence image descriptions, which serve as the titles for the generated poems. By using GPT-3, ChatGPT, and eventually GPT-4, the project can produce richer and more nuanced poems based on these titles.

The live creation of poems during public keynotes adds an interactive and engaging dimension to the project, eliciting surprise, laughter and delight from audiences. The CineKid Festival in Amsterdam serves as an example of this dynamic interplay. The AI-generated poem captured the slightly embarrassing, yet relatable moment of presenting in front of an auditorium with rows of empty seats, evoking a sense of vulnerability and shared experience.

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Audience in auditorium with rows of empty seats

An audience of empty seats,

Rows and rows of them,

Staring back at me,

Mocking me with their silence.

I stand alone on the stage,

Foolish and exposed,

Wishing desperately for someone,

Anyone, to fill those seats.

But they remain empty,

A silent, accusing mob,

And I can't help but feel

That I deserve their contempt.

"Better Poems About Things" demonstrates the versatility and potential of AI in transforming the creative process, particularly in the realm of poetry. Its live generation of poems in mere seconds adds a touch of spontaneity and humor to the experience, allowing people to see the world around them in a lighthearted and amusing light. As the project continues to develop and incorporate cutting-edge technology, it is expected to deliver ever more amusing and engaging poetic interpretations of the everyday objects and situations we often take for granted.

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